Why This Plus Size Woman Was Fired

Are there rules to what can and can’t be done in one’s personal life outside the corporate network one functions in?, were there ever any rules set?. If there were no rules, then nothing was broken.

So why was this plus size lady fired for her body positive engagement images?

Stephanie was reportedly fired from her job where she worked as an for posting topless pictures for the announcement of her engagement.

Stephanie stripped down to a bikini bottom for the out-door photo shoot while her fiance, Arynn remained on a jeans and bare torso.

The pictures which were posted on Bria Terry of Wolf & Rose Photography  Instagram handle gathered a lot of backlash and consequently, a query from and was finally fired.


Speaking with Huffpost, Stephanie said “They said I was topless, and it was inappropriate and we’re a family-oriented company. Stephanie says she has n o regrets whatsoever.


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