Buzzfeed Features 7 Plus Size Athletes And The Story Behind Their Lives in Sports

Fitness is a huge part of body positivity and that’s why Buzzfeed featured seven plus size athletes who tell all about the sports that have changed their lives. The project also aims to highlight plus size athletes whose bodies are outside the white, hourglass-shaped bell curve on which even lauded plus size models tend to fall. Featured in the photo series are athletes, dancers and bloggers; Roz “The Diva” Mays, a personal trainer and pole dancer; Mirna Valerio aka “The Mirnavator,” a blogger and ultramarathoner; Kristina Rodriguez, a “cyclist-yogi-baby powerlifter”; Olivia Frempong, a Ghanaian runner; Rachel Denis, a powerlifter; Latoya Shauntay Snell, a marathon/ultramarathon runner, yogi, and blogger; and CeCe Olisa, a plus-size workout video creator.

Talking about her life as an athlete, here’s what Kristina Rodriguez had to say; “I have always been big. I’m never going to be thin; I have accepted this. I’ve had eating disorders and an unhealthy relationship with activity in the past — but now, I’ve found a balance. […] People have doubted my athleticism, but I live for the look on their faces when they see how fast or good I am at whatever sport. I’m not worried about being doubted anymore because I know what I’m capable of — just sit back and watch this shit.

See the full photo series below and keep scrolling to get the link that takes you to the full story:

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