Body Positive Activist: Milly Smith Shares An Inspiring Self Love Story

The New Year is a very cautious time for everyone because it inspires change, the media has taken note of this trend and has decided to influence thousands of followers in the lifestyle that is all about creating a new you. The question is; What does creating a ‘New You‘ cost? Are we willing to change ourselves so much that we don’t care how it affects our mental health and self worth?

Like Gabi Gregg says in her Swimsuitforall campaign ‘New year same YOU‘ and it looks like she isn’t the only one with this new mindset. Body positive activist; Milly Smith shared an inspiring story of how she fell victim to low self esteem from some body shaming articles in a magazine she bought and how she eventually ripped it to shreds. It is definitely a must read for anyone battling with self love issues so I decided to share. Take a look at what she said below;

Today I purchased a ‘womans magazine’ called closer or as I like to call them ‘intensifiers of the phenomenon of body dissatisfaction’ but it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. I wanted to see just how much crap is in there about weight loss, shaping up, hating yourself and oppressing women/sexualising women. I’ve never read one before but I know 1000’s of women do on the daily.

I’m not going to lie to you. I found myself immensely triggered and feeling quite low after flicking through without even reading any of the articles. The before and after pictures with words lazy/fat next to happy/healthy really set my mind off overtime and this is from someone who’s clued up on the tricks/mind games and into self love so imagine what this can do to someone more vulnerable.
Right on the front cover as the main feature there are two huge pictures of celebrities in bikinis who have lost weight with captions such as ‘I’m finally happy’. Also on the front it says ‘eat yourself slim’ and ‘diet special’. Without even buying this magazine the messages and words are subconsciously seeping into minds by being in huge, eye catching,bright letters plastered across shop shelves.
Out of 100 pages the majority of them included articles or advert about diets, slimming down, ‘what celebs eat’ or ‘food trends’. After counting the calories on one the celeb plans it came to 1200, thats atrocious and damn right dangerous.
What pissed me off the most is the reoccurring adverts for diet companies knowing full well women will be made to feel shit by this magazine so they latch onto their prey and offer them a solution. SCREW YOU.
WELL I AIN’T BUYING IT (ok well I did buy this one but I meant in theory, you feel me?) There’s more to life than these magazines could ever show you. They are making money on your misery, don’t let them. Don’t buy them, stick your middle finger up and boycott anything making you feel less than 100% worthy, beautiful and queenly.
How dare they try and tell us we are anything other than worthy of love, happiness and anything we wish to do right now in this moment.
We are powerful, worthy and loved ❤️” 

For more inspirational stories from Milly Smith follow her on Instagram @selfloveclubb

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