Latasha Ngwube Bags New Feature Story in Lifesize Magazine

Aboutthatcurvylife’s founder; Latasha Ngwube talks about her life as a journalist, what inspired her journey into the body positive movement, the African plus size industry an her aspiration in a new feature interview with . The feature interview which was titled; ‘The World of Plus Size Fashion in Africa’ sheds light on the issues suffocating inclusivity in Africa and also talks about how Latasha’s efforts through her website and groundbreaking platforms like the recently concluded #Aboutthatcurvylife Collective powered by Intel is helping to bridge the gap.

Talking about how her early days as a fashion journalist made her realize the importance of giving the plus side a voice, read a snippet from the feature interview below;

Plus size fashion or simply fabulous fashion?

During her career as a fashion journalist in Lagos, she soon began to notice how “thin-obsessed” the industry was. A trait that prompted her to set up her own brand and push for more integration of plus size models and fashion.

My editor was very thin-obsessed, as most editors tend to be. And it just rubbed me up the wrong way that people didn’t seem to think that it was worth writing about women who were plus size and stylish.

So I do not understand why we are not including them in the fashion pages. Why we have to have a page of “fat people”. Just to give them a token fashion story. I just felt that they don’t need to be separated to be stylish. They’re stylish.

plus size fashion show 2016
Aisha Abubakar Collection at Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2016

To read the full interview click HERE.


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