Plus Size Model Candice Huffine Talks About Her Marathon Race

Plus size model and body positive activist Candice Huffine recently ran the United Airlines NYC Half race after training for three months. The 32 year old who had never been a runner before has run three half marathons this year. People usually assume plus size women are not active but Candice has disproved that notion with her marathon race.


Candice candidly reveals to that after years spent avoiding shorts because of her shape, although her first foray into shorts didn’t come without its difficulties, she finally summoned courage and wore a pair for a race and loved it. Candice who covered Vogue Italia with plus models, Robyn Lawley and Tara Lynn, said she took up running not because she wanted to lose weight or change her shape, but to feel better about herself.


Here’s what she told Be.

“I was literally going from point zero,” Candice tells Be. “I was the girl who made funny excuses like ‘Oh, I travel too much’, ‘I’d rather go to happy hour’ or ‘I only run when the house is on fire’.”

“I felt stronger and in turn, you treat yourself better and you’re more conscious of the decisions you make on a dietary level,” she explains.

“I definitely didn’t change any sizes and that’s what I wanted to remind women – this isn’t about changing my body because that’s not my life goal or message, it’s about changing my lifestyle and implementing a more active lifestyle.”



“My thighs rub together – I do not have thigh gap! – and that’s ok,” she laughs. “I actually scarred myself, kind of. I had never run in shorts before and my husband was like ‘Oh my god, what is that?’ and I was like ‘Oh, I guess, chafing from running

“But I didn’t pay attention to that, because I was most proud of the run and the time in which I did it. There were so many other things that went higher on that list, that was so minor. I will run in shorts again, that little detail will not keep me from doing that.”

Ruby stonez
Ruby Stonéz is a music lover, singer, writer & creative.

Ruby stonez

Ruby stonez

Ruby Stonéz is a music lover, singer, writer & creative. @ruby_stonez

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