What ATCL is Currently Craving: Mr Ekpa (Sugar Coated Peanuts)

Mr Ekpa Groundnut is a product of L&L foods, a Nigerian agri-business startup based in Lagos. The brand produces sugar coated groundnut made from 100% indigenous raw materials and is Nigeria’s first packaged sugar coated groundnut. These healthy nuts are so tasty, nutritious and feeling, it’s no wonder we can’t help but crave some more.


The brand did justice to a snack that was already rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants by packaging it in a hygeinic and attractive system, something no one ever considered, apparently because of the fact that groundnuts have always been readily available and eaten on the go by most Nigerians. Mr Ekpa has come on board to change the game with it’s appealing packaging and refined taste.


Mr Ekpa is also big on empowerment and supporting the curvy community as they came on board as one of the brands that supported the #AboutThatCurvyLife Collective. Mr Ekpa is a healthy snack that is fast becoming a fan favourite and household name. The delicious snack can be purchased at an affordable price from any of the super stores around you including on various online platforms like Jumia, Moniffee Express and others, either in retail or whole sale price.




If you are still looking for more ways to be convinced about this mouth watering product, a taste would definitely convince you.

Follow Mr Ekpa on Instagram: @mr_ekpa, facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mrekpa, Twitter: https://twitter.com/mrekpa.

Ruby stonez
Ruby Stonéz is a music lover, singer, writer & creative.

Ruby stonez

Ruby stonez

Ruby Stonéz is a music lover, singer, writer & creative. @ruby_stonez

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