Model Focus: Lulu Bonfils

Lulu Bonfils is a 16 years old plus size model whose strides by far supersedes her age. Aside being a model, the high school junior is also an Artist, Instagram champ, and all around cool girl with a face that is simultaneously delicate and tough. Bonfils is a self-proclaimed introvert, poised, elegant and one to watch out for. Bonfils modeled in the new 6th & Lane collection from Lane Bryant, Diesel and Gucci, she also walked in 2016’s New York Fashion Week and is the new face of Wilhelmina International Inc.
Having just finished her junior year of high school, she’s equally focused on her art practice which is wrapped in feminine energy and a lifelong love that’s informed both her modeling career and her passion for music  as well.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview she did with

How and when did you start modeling? It seems like your career has taken off quickly.

Modeling was something I definitely never thought I’d do, which is what I’m sure many models say, but growing up I never thought it’d be possible for a woman my size to be given the opportunities that I’ve had. My first shoot I ever did was when I was 15 with my good friends, Julia Baylis and Mayan Toledano for their brand Me and You. Julia actually spotted me at their brand opening party a while back and asked me to shoot with them. I’d never experienced anything like it, so it was definitely the first look into modeling I’d ever gotten. Ever since signing with Wilhelmina in January my career has gone great! I’ve made friends with so many creative, beautiful, like-minded people, and the experience has been so eye-opening.


How do you balance your current modeling endeavors with school and your growing art practice? Do they all intersect?

Balance is something I’ve definitely struggled with, especially in high school. In my freshman year, I was faced with a lot of different personal issues including my anxiety and focus problems, which caused me to drop out of public school. After a month or so of trying to figure out what exactly I wanted to do with my interests, I enrolled in an alternative school for kids who were struggling the same way I was. My school is a completely stress-free environment that helps people finish high school while doing it in a therapeutic and balanced way and giving me a super flexible schedule. My schedule allows me to focus on modeling and art as well as getting a good education. My school is actually ten blocks away from the agency,which helps me out a lot!


Tell us about NYFW and what that experience was like for you. It’s amazing to do it so early on.

NYFW was so much fun! I never expected myself to be involved at such an early moment for me, but I’m so grateful for the participation I got to have in such a beautiful and interesting presentation. The brand I modeled for was Phlemuns, and all the pieces were created by James Flemons, a designer that I’ve been inspired by long before the show. The pieces were absolutely amazing and it was a fascinating moment to be surrounded by such interesting clothing, being able to show them to a group of genuinely involved and excited people–and not to mention the amazing array of super cool models that I got to share the experience with. Fashion Week was definitely a unique moment that I hope to be involved in again.



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Ruby stonez
Ruby Stonéz is a music lover, singer, writer & creative.

Ruby stonez

Ruby stonez

Ruby Stonéz is a music lover, singer, writer & creative. @ruby_stonez

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