MUA Crush: Cora Alvillar

Cora Alvillar is one Plus size Makeup Artist whose got style, class and a glamorous touch all in one mix. She is a MUA and Stylist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Cora started uploading makeup videos as a hobby and now it has blossomed into what she calls “the best job in the world”, because she gets to touch so many people’s lives, all over the world celebrating beauty outside the box.


Over the years, she has cultivated a reputation on Youtube for being a reliable source for the best beauty products, application techniques, and plus size personal style. Apart from being a freelance makeup artist and YouTube sensation, Cora is also a fashionable woman whose style is one of a kind. She dishes out styling and shopping tips to ladies all around via her Instagram and YouTube channel.



Cora’s Philosophy of life is: “life is short, so forget about impressing others and have a huge appetite for life. Buy your favorite lipstick, wear that dress, dance your heart out, sing the song and be vintage or tacky, just be yourself, be your own kind of beautiful“.

Watch this YouTube tutorial On how to achieve a smoky peach makeup by Cora

You can follow Cora on Instagram @vintageortacky


YouTube: Vintageortacky

Ruby stonez
Ruby Stonéz is a music lover, singer, writer & creative.

Ruby stonez

Ruby stonez

Ruby Stonéz is a music lover, singer, writer & creative. @ruby_stonez

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