ATCL’s Top 20 Curvy Covers

The plus size world has been making waves through the years in fashion, entertainment, the business industry and beyond. And it looks like they are not going away anytime soon.

I’d like to think that plus size ladies are taking over the fashion industry having already carved a niche for themselves. This has gone beyond merely being vocal and speaking out but they have gone on to organize world class shows such as Full Figured Fashion Week, CurvyCon, runway modeling, starring in movies and covering the pages of magazines especially those which have previously featured size 12 ladies.

Plus size celebrities such as model Ashley Graham; Tess Holiday; Tara Lynn , Actor Melissa Mccarthy; Queen Latifah; Rebel Wilson; Gabby Sidibe and singer Adele have all graced the covers of many prominent magazines such as Vogue, ELLE, People, DARE, Vanity Fair, PLUS and so much more

Tess Holiday on the cover of People
Tess Holiday on the cover of People

Tess Holiday who recently became the proud mother of a beautiful baby boy was the first size 22 model to cover the people magazine and she talks about the journey through her childhood.

Melissa Mccarthy on the cover of MORE
Melissa McCarthy on the cover of MORE

Funny and talented actress Melissa McCarthy has graced the covers of several magazines. This Issue of MORE featured her amongst her many others talking about how fearless she is.

Ashley Graham on the cover of Shape.
Ashley Graham on the cover of Shape.

Ashley Graham has been making waves in the world of the curvy woman. With her recent collection of swimwear which is on Swim Suits For All has been featured on this magazine with first ever virtual reality photo-shoot.

Adele on the cover of Vogue
Adele on the cover of Vogue

                  The curvy icon Adele graces the world’s most prestigious cover celebrating what is a golden period in her life. She talks to Vogue about herself and she’s more open than ever.


World-famous iconoclast gossip front woman Beth Ditto capped off an amazing year with her very revealing memoir, Coal to Diamonds on the cover of   The Advocate.


Media Icon Oprah Winfrey on this issue of time proves to us how plus size women have been making rounds since time immemorial.



Katana Fatale for Skorch Magazine representing the winter fashion feel. She says her mood inspires her fashion choices.


 Plus-size model Tara Lynn model who covers this month’s issue of ELLE Spain, has not only helped redefine the industry’s standards of beauty, but encouraged women of all sizes to embrace their natural shape, too.


Established Hollywood player, Queen Latifah talks to JET about her latest passion and her most recent project and what the future holds.

nadia bulhousin

  Full-figured model Nadia Aboulhosn and fashion designer runs three or four times a week. You don’t need to be an Olympic marathon runner to get the physical, emotional and psychological benefits of staying fit and healthy.

Loey lane

This issue of Skorch featuring Plus model Loey Lane is our sparkly grenade to obliterate the nasty stereotypes of fat women.

-kerosene deluxe

Secret Magazine has a layout of bombshell Kerosene Deluxe modeling a range of Lovesick corsets,  And  she is showing off her spectacular curves on the cover.

kris yeo

Gorgeous Kris Yeo on the cover of PLUS model magazine and in a beautiful editorial she says “style has no size”.She is rocking a gorgeous gown in a vibrant red and looking fierce doing so. Her positive attitude and confidence is what led to her being chosen for this cover.


With killer curves and piercing blue eyes, French Canadian Joby Bach is a certified knockout. The plus size model is featured on this Issue of PLUS cover.

robin lawely

Attention is something Robyn became accustomed to long before she found success in front of the camera. She says  ‘Telling women that they’re ‘plus-size’ is sending the wrong message”


The unstoppable Australian actress, who scooped the rising star award, was shot exclusively for ELLE. Inside the issue, Rebel speaks candidly to ELLE’s Editor-in-Chief Lorraine Candy about self–belief, being a woman in Hollywood and her responsibility to her fans

Amy Schumer on the cover of Vanity Fair
Amy Schumer on the cover of Vanity Fair

Amy Schumer the hottest comedienne in America was named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People and one of People’s 100 Most Beautiful. Amy Schumer’s Vanity Fair cover is everything that’s right.

caralyn mirand

Beauty and brains put together, Caralyn Mirand is  a plus-size model and entrepreneur, who embodies the Incredible lifestyle with her successful image consulting business in Buffalo, NY.


Star from America’s Next Top Model Toccara Jones went from next to best gracign the cover of various magazines including PLUS.

Its Obvious Plus size women have been and are still breaking  boundaries therefore we look forward to more plus size women gracing the covers of magazines to come.



Ruby stonez
Ruby Stonéz is a music lover, singer, writer & creative.

Ruby stonez

Ruby stonez

Ruby Stonéz is a music lover, singer, writer & creative. @ruby_stonez

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